Shah Latif `s Poetry (Translated In Verse By: Elsa Kazi) Sarang_XI (Rain Song)

Warm preparations are againin progress everywhere;Again the lightnings have begunto leap with arduous flare;Some towards Istanbul do dive,some to the West repair;Some over China glitter, someof Samerquand take care;Some wander to Byazantium, Kabul,some to Kandhar fare;Some lie on Delhi, Deccan, somereach Girnar, thundering thereAnd greens on Bikanir pour thosethat jump from JesalmareSome Bhuj have soaked, others descenton Dhat with gentle air...Those crossing Umerkote have madethe fields fertile and fair...O God, may ever you on Sindhbestow abundance rare;Beloved! all the world let sharethy grace, and fruitful be.
O see, the low'ring, sombre skies!the cum'lous clouds have pouredTheir big-dropped showers; now take outyour herds, prepare, and rise;Leave lower grounds, to uplands goand practise old device,Take your provisions and supplies...despair not of God's grace.
Today too from the northern sidethe rain-quails notes reach here;The ploughers ploughshares ready make,herdsmen are full of cheer...Today too nature doth appearin rich array of rain!
Today too there are hopes of rain,the clouds are dark and low-O friends, with monsoons, longing forthe loved one comes again-I hope the rain will water wellthe parched and longing plain...Beloved come! my life sustain,all seasons then feel spring.
Man, deer and buffaloes do pantfor rain, ducks hopes for clouds;After as though in supplicationsounds the rain-quail's chant;At sea, each morn the oysters begthat skies the rain may grant-Give lots of rain! with joy rampantthe herdsmen then become.
The rain pours on the desert-sandson hills and vales around;At early dawn we, rise to hear,the churns soft, humming sound-The hands are full of butter, wiveswith merriment abound-Each buffalo for milking broughtathwart the grassy ground;In thatches here we never foundmistress and mind so glad!
The cloud, with colours rich and brightpaints towers in the skies-It brought the violins, zitherns, flutes,tambors that give delight...While jar on jar rain-sprite at nightpours into Padam lake...
Season's orchestra's in full swing,fresh showers ease the mind;On mountain-side so green with grass;cattle abundance find;Gay herdsmen's wives about their necksof blossoms garlands wind;-Cucumbers, mushrooms, vegetablesfood of every kind;Lord! days of dearth let lie behind,ne'er let them reach the earth.-
Season's orchestra's in full swing,rain-quails pipe tenderly;Peasants repair their ploughs, herdsmenrejoice with ecstasy-My friend in perfect from...O seepredicts a downpour great!
10Season's orchestra's in full swing,clouds move up, near and far;The grain is cheap, and brimful nowof butter is each jar-Rust that my heedless heart did mar,this God-reminder cleansed.
Cloud was commanded: 'Rain must come',and cloud obeyed so fain-Lightning arrived, rain pattered, poured,came to remain and reign;The hoarder who for dearness hopednow wrings his hands in vain,Five multiplied to fifteen; sothe page has turned again,The profiteer may disappearand cause no longer pain...The kine-herds sit together now,relating tales of rain-O God, who happiness would gain,must on thy grace rely!
O, rain, were lessons you to takefrom my poor, pouring eyes,Then night and day, in cloudy guiseyour drizzle would not stop!
Mists do not leave mine eyes, if cloudsare there or not, mists stay;Remembering Loved one, o'er my cheeksmy tears flow night and day...Oh, those whose loves are far awaymay never cease to weep.-
Though inside all is overcast,outside from every cloud is free...Lightnings mature within, in whomLove doth reside eternally...Their eyes shall never rainless bein whom thought of 'Beloved' reigns.

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