Shah Latif `s Poetry (Translated In Verse By: Elsa Kazi) Bilawal-X (The Tune of Life)

Believe in word of invitationof the Giver kind;Just rinse your mouth, and you will findthat food you will receive.
Drive vulgar crowds out of the house,peace with the sovereign make-From that door then on favours browsereceiving gifts each day.
Don't long for wine of paradise,cross over, nearer still-Between you and the Union lierewards,...this do realise!Sama's presence to find, arise!your wishes to fulfil.
Sama, the crown is on your headelse many leaders be-Oh, from your treasure house, such thousandsbeg the priceless bread,And bounty rich for them is spreadaccording to their bowls!
The kettle drums break one and all,all hollow are insideOn no one but on Hashmi callThe door of Hashmi seek.
One who upholds those in despair,helps those who seek refuge;This prop of humble ones, shirks notwhen millions crave his care...Aghast all chieftains stand...but therethe smiling one they spy!-
Stop not at every watering placebut seek the deep, full lake;Head of the realm if you can reachthere wait wealth and solace;The one who made poor rich, onlyhis turban try to trace,Tarnish of hundreds he'll erase,when head he lifts and speaks!
All credit due to Jakhro is,others commands obeyThis favourite's station, ah, whereit be, no one can say;From what he fashioned was, that claywas just enough for him.
Jakhro worthy is, and the restbut name of 'king' do bear;As Jakhro was produced, othersthat way no fashioned were;Clay needed for his make so rarefor him was just enough.
The leader's messages I storeso deep within my heartOf other doors I think no moreSince Jakhro I have seen!
No one like Jakhro I can seeOn earth where'er I gaze,The leader of all leaders, ofExalted status he-Two bows' length, even less, his placeis from divine glory;O lord, greaty you favoured meby giving me this guide!
Oh Jakhro, may you ever live;Of you may I no evil hear-Solace to eyes and heart you give,their only sweet support, is you.
Oh leader, well your ways are knownall over foreign lands;How many have you set on horse backsthat had weary grown?You ask no faults of those who moan,But all you do accept!
He even gives in anger...lo,when pleased his bounty pours,Benevolence doth overflowin noble Jakhro's mind.
Don't punish the obedient ones;but head strong do destroy;Forget not 'Battle Great', no joyno gain give battles small.
Come to the Major Battle, thoughmany small battles fight...And never cease to sweep awaypassion-worshiper's blight.-With the support of Hyder's lightfight, and destroy the foe!
Jakhro adore! he who appearedthe hunger of the land-Those who were trembling in their ragsin silken shawls now stand;It was by noble Jakhro's handthe needy ones were filled!
The moment I arrived my feetwere cooled, my thirst was quenched;A desert walker water sweethad found in scorching waste.-
Beneath whose shelter I do dwellnoble man, may he live!The waters that wayfarers drink,may never dry that well...Oh smiling one! mine eyes excelin comfort, seeing you.
Vagand has now returned again,his efforts all were vain...So gladly would he here remaindress, food, bed to obtain!
Vagand has now returned again-when all had got their shareA beating from his wife he got,nought else she gave him there!And now with zest he doth declarehe'll e'er lie at my feet!
22 the hope of breakfast fineVagand again is here;He never more will leave this place,nor will he leave his Pir-Perfume of spring he smells- so dearprospects of breakfast are!
In body he so shrivelled looks,at eating he is great;He smells...sweetness to cultivatehe begs master for scent-
Poor Vagand, now so dutifulis always at the door;He loves perfumes so much...therefore,he rakes the horse' dung.
Vagand has now returned again,returned a hell complete!He says: "Pir's heaven, dirty onesturns into roses sweet-Keep near perfumes, to be repletewith clean, refreshing smells."

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