Shah Latif `s Poetry (Translated In Verse By: Elsa Kazi) Sasui: Ma'dhuri-XVIII (The Helpless)

Hast thou not heard a voice Sasui?or dost at random walk?Hundreds of Sasui's walked behindtheir lovers before thee-From start Baluchi progenyhas no compassion learnt
O grieving one; brush pain aside,and comforts do forget-Your eyes on Punhu's footprints set,that you may find him soon.
Start on the road denuded, greed,temptations do not keep-And those who are too fond of sleep,their tryst with loved-one miss.
Leave all your lovely robes behind,and nothing with you bring;One, burdened not with anythingKeeps forefront on the way.
One that without a burden walkswill soon the loved-one meet-But she has missed her union sweetwho affects lovely wraps.
She who adorns herself, in vainwaits for the meeting true;She is deprived like Leela, whosold her love for jewels.
A thousand thorns do prick my feet;they cause me endless woe!Alas, my feet are torn, one toemeets not the other toe;And yet, with bare feet I will goto my beloved one.
With hands, feet, knees, and every breathSasui you must proceed;Your guide will meet you at the streamand give you further lead;As long there's breath, place nought, indeedBut Punhu in your heart.
I could not my Beloved meetand now you set, o sun!My message to the loved-one bringbefore my day is done;when you reach Kech say: "Helpless oneis dying on the way".
I could not reach my loved-one, andmy life's already past...Alas, the woeful one did wasteher days declining fast-In old age now, her eyes are castupon her Punhu rare.-
Alas, I could not reach my love-already death appears...Beloved did not come, althoughI looked for him for years-Destroyed by separation's tearsI destined am to die.-
Die and relieve, so that Beautyof loved-one leaves you never;Acceptable you'll be for ever,accepting this advice.
Die to be beautiful, life ishindrance twixt him and you,-Helpless one, boldly do pursue,give breath to find the friend.
Who die before death, never willdestroyed by dying be.-Who live ere second life they seewill live eternally.

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