Shah Latif `s Poetry (Translated In Verse By: Elsa Kazi) Sasui: Kohiyari-XVII (The Mountain Path)

Careless one, drop this drowsiness;no more for slumber seek-O shamless one, drive sleep from eyesand be no longer weak-So that you may not have to shriekin mountains after him-
Those who upon their couches lay,with outstretched leags, alas...The company did pass away,leaving such sleeping ones.
Reproach comes to unlucky oneswho so much sleep desire;Why after Punhu do enquirewho sleep from sunset on?
Hard-hearted mount, vain was my plea,high-handed tyrant thou;My being you sawed, as wood-cuttersdo cut the helpless tree;But for decree of DestinyOh, who would walk thy stones?
O mountain, when my love I meet;your tortures I'll relate;Your hideous shadow ghosts at dawn,your winding way's deceit,You did me not with kindness treatbut dimmed the loved-one's tracks.
O silent mountain, not a clueyou give me my love-But yesterday a camel-cadein long row moved through you,This dead one's spouse, did you not viewamongst the company?
O mountain, to the friend I'll bearat once the gret reproach;That you to shreds the very solesof my poor feet did tear;That your soul is of pity bareand ne'er any worth you know.
O mountain, hearts of sorrowing onesyou should console and soothe;Instead of that, their feet you bruise-you stony, callous one.
O mountain, each day in sacrificeI throw myself on you-Because there are mysterious ties'twixt you and my love's tale.
O mount, the helpless one in woenow sits with you and weeps;But never anyone lets knowthe links twixt you and her.
O mountain, though you hot have grownyou cannot harm me now;You may be made of hardest stonemy limbs are iron-made-'t is no one's fault, it is my ownmy own strange destiny.
O Punhu do not leave me herein mountains weird and dire-I'll walk with you on foot, and fireto Bhambore I will set.
Reflection of my Punhu, lightit doth display and shade;I have to walk the chequered road...O see, the cloth is laidIn soda-wash, and clean is madeere colours it receives.
Reflection of my Punhu islike cloud and flash, and IFollow this Prince and sob and sighand weep without respite.
Reflection of my Punhu isthe acme of all Bliss-For his sake my most luckless dayfor me comfort it isCalamity my Prince left, hissweetest gift for me.

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