Famous Ancient Ports of Sindh

Sindh was not only remained rich, heritage, history and geography, but it is still a rich geographical country. Great Sindhi, its delta and coastal area remained attractive sites for the countries of the world. The ancient geographers, historians and tourists of the world had not only praised the famous things of sindh country, buy they also admired the ports of the country, where the trade of the countries of the world was carried on.Qudrat-u-llah Fatmi in his article has written that the Sindhi navigators through the bank of Iranian sea, approached the famous trade centers of Babul and Sumerian civilization. In writings of Herodotus and other classical writings of west, there is also so much information, in which reference of the Sicylux was also mentioned, who had gone in reverse direction from the sea of sindhu. Later on, there has been such references in the writings of the historians of the Alexander time.The Naval chief of Alexander, Nearchus, had witnessed some of the places during his voyage, which were also the seaports. At the place of ?Korokola? (presently known as Karachi) he had seen a beautiful and convenient port and had named it ?Alexander Heaven?. They had stayed there for 24 days along with their ships due to the cyclone. According to General Haig, the city/port of Sakala was present in the open creek; there were also references of port, which was named as Moran to Bara by Arian.There were numerous river ports and seaports in the area of delta. The river ports included Debal bander, Kharek bander, Shah bander, Larri(Lahri) Auranga bander, Jakhi bander, Dharaji bander, Keti bander, Sando bander etc. Some important and famous sea ports (bander) are explained as under

(1) Debal Bunder:
This ancient port of Sindhu was famous all over the world. It is situated on the eastern branch, of sindhu, delta. It was the busiest trade center in the world. In my opinion it is situated in the southeastern angle of present Buhara village and its antiquities are now inundated under the seawater. When ever the sea level decreases, the antiquities appear. From the early period of Islam, numerous recurrent attacks had been made on the port. At last Debal was conquered by Mohammad Bin Qasim, after several attacks and later on, its status was decreased. In the early period of ninth century, this great port was completely ruined.

(2) Shah Bander:
This port was established by Mirza Issa Khan Turkhan, but after passage of few years, it was closed. In 1759 A.D, the emperor of Sindh Ghulam Shah Kalhoro had re-opened that port. The Britain established industries there, which functioned for long period. Due to earthquake in 1819 A.D, one branch of sindhu closed which resulted in the closure of this port.

(3) Jakhi Bander:
It was situated in the eastern side of Dharaja bander in the coastal area.

(4) Dharaja Bander:
That port was established in the dynasty of Dharaja state, and it was remained a busy and famous trade center for a long period. When Noor Mohammad Kalhoro was the emperor of sindh, he attacked the state, killed its head Raja Arjun and devastated it.The antiquities of that port are still present on the site.

(5) Vikar Bandar:
It was the famous and busy port of sindh. Dr: Ghulam Ali Allana wrote with reference to Burns that the ships mostly anchored near the Vikar fort. The sindhi people named one of the ship as ?Armat.? The size of the ship was 70 x 28 feet. That port was closed in the mid of Nineteenth century.

(6) Keti Bander:
This famous port of Sindh country was situated on the Hajamro branch of Sindhu. That port was inundated thrice by sea. The last Keti bander was closed in 1864 A.D, due to the closure of the branch of sindhu on which it was situated.Due to the changes of water in Sindhu, many seaports and ports river have been ruined. Now days there remains neither the glory nor gushing water have the Great Sindhu nor its seaports and trade.

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